About Us

       Patex was estabilished as a limited company In 1990.


       From the very beginning our productions is concentrated on “heavy” clothing. The whole structure and machinery are disposed to sewing of the ladies blazers, trousers and skirts, winter-jackets and winter-coats. Although we are making whole our productions at very high level and we can provide you with very rich experience and top quality.


       Our most valuable part in this business are people. Managers and the chief of the production are connected with the clouth production for dozens of years, working previously in other cloth companies. Also our people on the productions  have very rich experience in different styles sewing and many of them are working with us from the very beginning.


      A high standard of production, a wide range of possiblites in assortyment and design, this is Petex’s offer in the productions of ready-made clothing and a guarantee of high quality, realiability and  timely production.